Meet Lisa Nichols


Lisa Nichols grew up around building and development. After graduating from SMU, Lisa worked in all aspects of management and development for Lexford Properties in Dallas. “I started out leasing apartments, as I moved through the different disciplines and into development; I always reflected back on what the client wanted and making it their home.”

After seven years with Lexford, she came home to San Antonio and joined Embrey Partners as a junior development partner. Lisa worked in all facets of the apartment development business. “I loved the challenge of dealing with all aspects of a deal; from site location and development strategy to working with Equity Partners and traveling throughout the Country to present our projects and search for new projects.”

Her next transition would bring her full circle, back to the residential roots of her family. “My husband Mitch and I knew where we wanted to live and raise our kids. But after extensive house hunting, I couldn’t find what I wanted. We saw some beautiful homes, but they lacked closet space, open kitchens and living and today’s technology.” After looking at renovating or remodeling existing homes, Lisa decided to use her building and development experience to build a new home in an old neighborhood for her family…

“We got an offer on our home before it was even finished. I had enjoyed the process, so we accepted the offer and started another home.” When the same thing happened again, Lisa knew she had found her niche – a demand for homes that capture the tradition and elegance of the neighborhood, while bringing in the innovation and inspiration of today’s living. A core value that she brings to each of her client’s homes. “I listen to our clients and strive to deliver the same dedication to their homes as I did when building for my family.”

Nic Abbey Luxury Homes has had the privilege of building beautiful homes for our incredible clients for over fifteen years. Our goal is to be your builder for generations to come.

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