Meet the Team

Ashley Masch

Construction Coordinator

As a native of San Antonio, Ashley's heart was set on attending college at no place other than U.T.S.A.  Her eye for design drove her to a degree in Architecture, but she felt like something was missing.  Only a month before graduation, she traded in her cap and gown for pursuance of a second degree, this one in Construction Science & Management.  It was during a construction career fair that she discovered Nic Abbey Luxury Homes.  She started as an intern with the company, six months later she got promoted to Construction Coordinator, and two days after graduation, she eagerly joined the Nic Abbey Team full-time.

Ashley is a key point of contact when it comes to building a Nic Abbey home.  She is involved in initial client meetings to get a sense of what the clients want, and works closely with the Nic Abbey architects to ensure all plans are accurate for bidding and construction.  Ashley works directly with the clients on selection coordination to ensure the clients are getting exactly what they want, whilst staying in budget and on track.  She also manages our online construction information platform to ensure that the clients and vendors have all the information they need for each project. 

Ashley works hand-in-hand with the Nic Abbey Team and vendors when it comes to estimating, purchasing, subcontracting and change orders.  She also works with the vendors to ensure that the job-sites are running proficiently, and that any changes get communicated and implemented smoothly in the field.

Lu Bower

Company Accountant

Lu Bower has been working in the accounting field for over 27 years.  She has worked for a wide range of construction companies,  ranging from specialized subcontractors, to multi-million dollar general contracting companies.  Because of her extensive knowledge of many different types of accounting software, Lu has been able to stream-line accounting procedures wherever she goes.  Lu's background in construction-based accounting puts her at the forefront of accounting when it comes to working with both vendors and clients.

Lu works directly with vendors to ensure that all A/P runs smoothly.  She also works with clients and banks to ensure that billing is understood fully, and that all questions are answered.  Lu is the accounting liaison for all projects as well as tax accountants and insurance companies for Nic Abbey.   Lu also acts as Human Resource Manager for the company.

Dave Bower

Project Manager

Dave brings over 25 years of residential, commercial and technical experience to Nic Abbey. Dave started out working as an HVAC technician in the state of Arizona, which gives him first-hand knowledge of trade-work for construction projects. He quickly moved on to becoming a Project Manager and Construction Manager for large commercial projects in Arizona. Dave has overseen projects in several states, which has allowed him to experience the different types of building codes and construction methods throughout the country. After many years of work in the construction industry, he realized that he truly wanted to put his focus into residential construction.

Dave is involved in projects from beginning to the very end, so clients can feel confident in knowing that they have a Project Manager that is familiar with every aspect of their house. He works closely with the home-owners to answer any questions they have, and ensure that the house we are building together is exactly what they are looking for. Dave also works closely with the subcontractors both before and during construction to ensure that we are always using the right company for the job, and that all jobs run according to schedule, and in-budget.