78209 Magazine Article

Ideas For Living: Trends In home Design

In this 78209 Magazine article, Lisa Nichols shares trends and ideas for that amazing kitchen everyone dreams of.  Follow the link below to read the complete article:

An open kitchen/great room is a desirable floor plan for many renovations and custom builds this year, not only for its entertaining factor, but also to incorporate trendy design elements to make the home feel customized. “Almost every kitchen we have designed and built this past year has had an open kitchen/great room floor plan,” explains Lisa Nichols, owner of Nic Abbey. “Design elements are being used to create that ‘wow factor,’ like statement ceilings that make you look up and vertical joint wood paneling of cabinetry or ceilings or both — a fun way to introduce detail into this space.” The concept of marrying modern and traditional design elements to reflect the modern family is a big trend to define the open kitchen/great room spaces into the “heart of the home” that families are seeking. “We are doing a lot of furniture-style cabinetry in the open kitchens,” says Nichols. “You could incorporate this idea by designing your island to resemble a beautiful piece of furniture by raising it on legs or adding intricate paneling on the sides.”