San Antonio Woman Magazine Article on Women In Business


"/ really Jove attending all of the selection meetings with our clients to help them marry all of the details together to build a beautiful and unique home. "



Years in the construction business: 28

How she got started in construction: "I started my business in 2002. We are a custom home building and remodeling company, and my job responsibilities include creating opportunities for our company in home building, remodeling and land acquisition. I also work with our clients on an individual basis from land procurement, home design and selections and construction to completion. I built my first house for my family because I could not find a home that met our needs. I was searching for a home that would cater to the way my husband and two children and I live. Throughout the process, I realized how much I enjoyed it from beginning to end and realized there is a need for homes designed to accommodate a modern family's needs." 

Nichols says the most rewarding part of this career is "creating beautiful homes for our amazing homeowners. Each home is completely original and is built with the finest building materials. Our attention to detail is unsurpassed in the market. 

"The most challenging part of my career is the way that home building is a very competitive business with a great deal of corporate and personal liability." 

Construction was traditionally considered a man's profession - how is that changing? "I have spent the last 25 years of my career in the male-dominated fields of home building and multifamily developments. A woman's point of view can be a benefit to families and helps to set me apart in this male-domiĀ­nated industry. As a woman, I may see things and details in a different way than a man. My attention to all of the little details and my caring about the importance of client development really helps to set my company apart in this industry. I really love attending all of the selection meetings with our clients to help them marry all of the details together to build a beautiful and unique home."

She values the love and support of her husband, Mitch, whom she's been married to for more than 20 years, and their two chilĀ­dren, a daughter, Embrey, who left for college this year, and son Mitchell, a junior at Alamo Heights High School. Mitch has worked in medical sales for most of his career. 

Nichols enjoys spending time with family and friends. and says she is also lucky to live in the same city as her parents, her sibling, nieces and nephews. "I also have many aunts, uncles and cousins who live in San Antonio, so holidays are always fun," she says. She also loves to travel, read, shop and eat Mexican food. 

She loves San Antonio because it is a great city in which to live and work. "San Antonio has grown into the seventh-largest city in the U.S. but has kept its unique small town feel and culture. I love that I can get to almost anywhere I need to go in less than 10 minutes," says Nichols.